Our company has been managing rental properties for over ten years. During that time, we have never had any evictions, and our occupancy rate has consistently been over 95%. We believe that one main reason for our success is that we conduct thorough background checks of all our applicants. Our priorities for you (the owner) are to maximize your return on investment and to ensure that your property is maintained in great condition.

Our property management For Rent sign.

As owners of our own rental properties, we realize that overall return of investment is paramount. Your property should be fully rented at competitive market rates, and should also have responsible renters who will take care of your important investment.

Over the years, we have developed a very consistent set of procedures and principles for managing the properties that are entrusted to us.

The Management Agreement

The first step is to discuss your concerns, your investment goals, and what you expect from us as your property manager.

If you do not already own a rental property, we can help you analyze the potential investment and projected return. We can also research and show you projected costs for things such as property taxes, HOA fees, etc.

Next step … a management agreement to define our understanding and expectations from each other.

Time to find the “ideal” renters …

Finding Renters

We advertise your property through multiple sources. Our property management software allows us to automatically push listings to a number of national websites:

We often personally know of people who are looking for rentals.

Qualifying Renters

This is probably the single most important step in properly managing your rental property!

Once someone expresses interest in your property, we conduct an initial screening to ensure the safety of your home, and to minimize the number of unqualified applicants.

After the potential renters have viewed the property, they submit an online application. Each adult who will be residing at the property must submit an application. We then conduct full background checks, which include:

  • Verification of identity
  • Credit check
  • Criminal records check
  • Eviction history
  • SSN validation
  • Employment verification
  • Prior residence/landlord verification

We also require a meeting with potential tenants before we proceed with approval.

The lease is then prepared (by a law firm … real estate brokers are not authorized to prepare legal documents) and signed.

Actually managing your property

On the surface, it may appear that your property manager is just collecting rents and making payments to you. However, a lot is happening behind the scenes:

  • Most of our renters may make payments online, through our renter’s portal
  • If renters are late submitting payments, we prepare a “3-day notice”. This is the first step in the eviction procedure. (While we have delivered a few of these notices over the years, we have never had to proceed with an eviction)
  • Renters can submit workorders via the portal
  • Workorders are managed via our portal; we assign contractors and handymen, and follow up to ensure the work is completed
  • At your request, we can make regular payments, such as HOA dues, property tax payments, etc.
  • Accounting reports are always available to you through the owner’s portal. This means that you can always see income and expenses for whichever period you choose.
  • We coordinate tenant relations, such as renewal of leases; move-in/out inspections; security deposit accounting; etc.
  • We prepare end-of-year tax reports (1099 forms) for your records.

In Summary

As your property manager, we take care of a myriad of details (and headaches) so you don’t have to. In the process, we understand the importance of protecting your investment, to ensure you obtain the greatest value and return for your investment. We treat your property as if it is our own!

So, don’t wait … call or email us today!